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Ship's Patch

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Ship's Store
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Golf Shirt w/ Pocket $31
(size to XXL - No med)
Sweat Shirt $20
(size to XXL - No med)
T-Shirt no-pocket) $14
(size to XXL - No med)
Ball Cap $15
one size fits all

Blue Shirt

Blue Cotton Golf Shirt
w/ Pocket

Years back we used to have in the Ships Store the shirt pictured. Above the pocket, (left side when worn) is embroidered "USS GALVESTON CLG-3) in Gold, and there is nothing else on the shirt. Our dealer informs me that if you wish your name embroidered on the (right side when worn) it will be done for an additional $7. If anyone wishes to order one of these shirts the price is $37.00 (plus $6.00 for shipping). I will not order the shirt until I receive a check from the shipmate. I will need your size and name (if embroidering). Bob Bakos

Dog Tag $6
includes neck chain
Lapel Pin $6


Rocker Patch $1.50

Ship's Patch $7
For the
Mens' Ship's
Store Order Form

Order Form

Item with special order forms

Memorial Plaque Replica
(Click Here for Order Details)

Front & Back

Jackets available by
special order only
Contact Bob Bakos

Ladies to look in the Galveston Gals' Store

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