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Crew's Quarters

Shipmate Profile - includes links to Shipmate Profile System where all shipmate's we know about have a profile. There is also links to online form where a shipmate can request assistance in finding an old shipmate. If you haven't already done so, Get Registered, Today!
Reunions - for the latest news on upcoming reunions plus photos and recaps of past reunions
Crew's Log Book - a place for shipmates to share notes of interest, requests, comments, complaints, suggestions, or just about anything else. Just keep it clean, and free of political or religious controversy.
Crew's Log Book Archived entries dated before February 2012 back to 2006 click
Member's Quarterly Newsletter Archives - for members of the Association, Soupy and other Assoc. Officers prepare a quarterly newsletter. As each newsletter is released, the previous quarter's newsletter will be posted here.
Shipmate Blog -- a blog dedicated to posting articles and information of interest to USS Galveston Shipmates. If you have an article you believe would be enjoyed by your shipmates, send it to
Association Business: Something for the insomniacs, Bylaws, financial statements, ...

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