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Talos Missile

TALOS was an outgrowth of the Bumblebee program (along with TERRIER et al). This program was initiated at Johns Hopkins University's Applied Physics Lab in 1945 and saw the development of the ram jet engine that became the final stage propulsion of the TALOS. R&D on TALOS began in 1948. The missile became operational aboard the GALVESTON in 1958.

Prime - Bendix, Frame - McDonnell, Guidance - Bendix, Sperry, Propulsion - Allegany. Automatic loading system - GE

Length - abt 30 ft., Diameter - abt 30 in., Launch weight - 7,000 lbs. (booster alone weighs 4,000 lbs.). Guidance - radar, Warhead - nuclear or HE, Propulsion - solid (first stage), ramjet (second stage).

Range - more than 65 nautical miles. Speed - abt Mach 2.5. Ceiling - extremely high altitude.

Aboard cruisers U.S.S. GALVESTON, U.S.S. LITTLE ROCK, U.S.S. OKLAHOMA CITY, U.S.S. ALBANY, U.S.S. COLUMBUS, U.S.S. CHICAGO, and the nuclear-powered U.S.S. LONG BEACH.

During the Vietnam War a classified number of TALOS missiles were used. Only once, that I have been able to locate in my research, was it used as a SAM. In 1972 President Nixon ordered that all North Vietnamese ports be mined. On May 9, Navy A-6 Intruder aircraft sowed minefields to block the ports at Haipong, Hon Gai, Cam Pha, Thanh Hoa, Vinh, Quang Khe, and Dong Hoi, effectively sealing the North from its major means of supply, all ships had until May 11 to exit the waters - when the mines became armed. As U.S. Navy aircraft were proceeding to Haiphong harbor the RED CROWN, a surveillance ship, detected the approach of MiG fighters. The guided missile cruiser U.S.S. CHICAGO, supporting the operation, engaged the group of MiG fighters with TALOS. One MiG was downed at a range of 48 miles and the remaining aircraft turned away, allowing the U. S. Navy attack aircraft to safely complete their mining operations. I found one reference that indicated that TALOS was also used surface to surface as an anti-fire control radar weapon by the OKLAHOMA CITY, CHICAGO, and perhaps the LONG BEACH.

Information Copied from http://www.norcopost328.org/talos.htm


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