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to the official web site of the USS Galveston Shipmates' Association. This site was launched in October 2006 by shipmate volunteers to keep the memory of The Galveston and her crew alive. If you like what you find here, you are encouraged to register on the "Shipmates Pages" where you can contribute your memories (photos, stories, etc.). Better yet, become an Association member, and let any shipmate you still have contact with know we are here!


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October 7, 2011 Capt. Mongomery Funeral Photos
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February 20, 2011 Galveston For Sale

October 15, 2010 Retail Discounts for Veterans?
July 28, 2010 Plaque Ceremony Videos Posted
April 5, 2010 New Shipmate Profiles
March 5, 2010 Read about shipmate SSgt Mullan

We are an all volunteer Association dedicated to serving the crews of the USS Galveston CLG3 and their families. This site will never share any information you provide for profit.

USS Galveston Shipmates Association Officers

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Vice President
Earl Fisher
Secretary (acting)
Bob Bakos

Bob Bakos

Frank "Doc" Garrett
Art Tilley
Asst. Charlie Fritz

Gal's Auxiliary Officers

Donna Shock

Vice President
Linda Hawkins
Jane Bakos

Maggie Garrett

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